S4A Football Camp –

Skill and topic of the day 

Each day will have a specific topic and skill of the day. This will allow the children to focus and develop one fundamental technique, for example – Dribbling & Shooting.

S4A Samba Showcase 

Prior to lunch children will participate in a tournament where points are awarded individually in small sided matches, for performing skills and scoring goals.

Nations League 

An afternoon UEFA nations league tournament will run Monday through to Wednesday. Children will gain points for the nations, whilst participating in matches and other activities

Daily Activites.

Each day children will be given additional activities that they can choose to participate in. An Example of this is international day where children can dress up in their nation’s colors.

Football Camp Info


  • Where is it? Bourton Meadow Academy.
  • When is it? The first and last full weeks of summer 2019
  • What do I need to supply my child(ren) with? Come along in suitable football playing kit, a full water bottle, packed lunch with snacks for snack times. Jumpers, jackets, hats, suncream, (all dependant on weather).
  • What activities are held at football camp? Activities range from ball skills, shooting, defending, passing, skill school, teamwork, match situations, tournaments & more! There is something for everyone throughout the 3 days!